Christmas, CHRISTmas time is here!

Dear Grace,

Around this time of year my family likes to play Christmas music. But not just while we're decorating the tree, or frosting the sugar cookies. Oh no! My parents and younger brother are obsessed with it, especially Nat King Cole and other classics. I know that for them it helps them to get into the holiday spirit, but for me -- it just doesn't work.

What should I do? I don't know how to ask them, or tell them rather, what my interests are. Do you have any suggestions?

One of my friends really likes to do the advent candles and focus on the reason for the season rather than all the holiday gadgets. She says that celebrating Jesus coming down to earth as a baby really helps her to get into the mood. It makes her so thankful when she realizes that she is alive because of Him.

What do you recommend?

So, as you all have noticed, the author of this blog isn't titled with my name. Yeah, it's on purpose. The goal of this is to start like a "Dear So and So" letter feed. It's the first one so I'm not sure how it'll work out. But tonight you guys will get to read the question and I have the answer scheduled to post tomorrow at 8:00.

Also, those of you who have started reading the blog posts, feel free to comment on the post! What do you like about the Christmas season? What's not so great about it? Or email me with a request -- and who knows, maybe your Dear Grace question will make it into the feed!