Look Out World!

Look out world here I come! This is my second blog post. A sign that I haven't given up on this yet. And why would I? Good question - I don't know. As far as I can tell, I'm a natural. I've always loved writing, and when I was in middle school the idea of a blog started growing on me. But I never actually fulfilled that dream until now. I'm sure that my reasons then consisted mainly of: "the internet here in Senegal is too slow. I'd never be able to create a webpage. Let alone post blogs daily on it." "What will people think of a sixth grader who has read Jane Eyre and is a blogger?" and many others.

But now that I'm in the blog world, I'm staying. I like this kind of outlet for my creativity. I'm convinced that since I had to create this for school, I might as well make the best of it. Who knows? Maybe through this blog I can better fulfill the Great Commission in Matthew 11:28. Maybe I can change the world through this blog, one tiny step at a time. But whatever happens, it won't be happening entirely on my strength. Oh no! You see I've got this friend, his name is Emmanuel, and everything I do - is because he permitted it.

My thoughts now are: "What now LORD?" "How will you use this to reach others?" "Who knows but you LORD?"