Where's the Logic?

Hey fans! It's been quite awhile since my last post but not so long since the last snow here in Massachusetts.

I figured it would be fitting to do some of my own research about how blizzard like weather can make people do some strange things that may seem illogical to many at first.

As you all know, I'm not really from around these parts. I've spent most of my life somewhere between France and Senegal with a few years in America spread here and there. I had heard this expression "time for bread, milk and eggs" several times over. So I was curious, I mean why do people rush to their local supermarkets just to buy out their perishables -- right before a storm?

After consulting several webpages, I found some pretty interesting things about the human brain. Yeah, the brain.

The brain, our mind, does not in the slightest bit -- like the idea that may need to survive on very little during a storm. It's like a thought that just scares our brain to death. It's a thought our finite minds can't wrap themselves around. Now maybe most people don't realize this, but the brain sends you a message asking you to be optimistic.

So what do you do in response to this plea?

You go buy perishables!!


Because, from your brain's perspective: once those things go bad, or you run out -- the storm will be over so you can go buy more. It's optimism that keeps you going. Even if the storm doesn't end and you do run out -- you are all the more encouraged to find a way to get more.

It's a unique survival instinct from our Creator God who loves us. We all know He will provide for us one way or another. But isn't fascinating to study His creation?