Is it really all about the Turkey?

Do you ever get so excited about Thanksgiving time that you can just smell the food a month before you are actually cooking it? I do. I love Thanksgiving time for so many reasons, not just the turkey. What about you? Can you relate to the reasons I’m about to share?

The first reason why I love Thanksgiving is because of the history behind it. For those of you who don’t know it, let me share the short version. The first winter that the Pilgrims were in America, it was one of the harshest. They didn’t know what crops they could grow before hand to help them survive the winter. A few local indians gave them tips. So when the time for Thanksgiving came around, the indians and the Pilgrims shared a feast! We don’t really know what was served or its quantity but we do know that it was a good one! The reason why I think this is so neat is because it is a feast of thankfulness. They were thankful for each other, the food on the table, and the God who provided it.

The second reason is that of family. Usually around Thanksgiving, families travel to be near one another. It gives an opportunity to connect as a family unit and an opportunity to show one another how thankful we are for each other. Sometimes, Thanksgiving is made a bigger deal than Christmas when it comes to family. I know that when my family gets together, we have a lot of fun with it. Some of us will be working in the kitchen, others will be relaxing and still others playing games. The nice thing is about it- you can do whatever you feel comfortable doing. You don’t have to cook if it’s not your strong suit. Thanksgiving with family is all about enjoying one another for who we are.

Thirdly, the food! I admit it, I do enjoy the food that is prepared at Thanksgiving time. What’s your favorite? I think mine is the mashed potatoes with the gravy. Even then, I can’t decide! I like how each family has their own tradition when it comes to the food prepared. Every year the menu at our Thanksgiving varies. It all depends on where we are in the world, and what we can find as far as ingredients go. Usually the turkey is almost always substituted with chicken because the turkeys in Senegal are too skinny and expensive! We like our meat buff! What about you? What do you do with your menu?

The fourth reason is I think one of the most important to me. That reason is Jesus. Every year, when I sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, I can’t help but think how Jesus made it all possible. If he hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have anything to thank him for. But praise the Lamb, we do! And every year, thanking Him becomes more and more special.