What to Do? Summer Break 2019 Anyone?

I don't know about my other friends around the world so I can't speak for you... But here in Dakar, Summer Break is finally here! All of us have been anxiously waiting for this day, when classes would cease to exist and lazy life would begin.

But what if you don't want to be lazy, and you actually want to make summer break memorable? Well, here is a list of things that you can do with family and friends to thoroughly enjoy your break.




1. Have a Spa Day... at home... in your pajamas (or not).

Invite your girl friends or sisters over, to do face masks, hair, makeovers, and nails.

2. Cook good food.

Spend quality bonding time with those you love by making food with them. The way to anyone's heart is a good home cooked meal or dessert.

3. Find a dog park (if you're a dog owner), and have a dog party with your dog and all your friends' dogs.

Take pictures, dress them in costumes, make memories.

4. For all you Moms out there... take your kids to the playground and laugh and play with them. I promise you, we LOVE it.

5. Go to a movie theater and watch something with your family, friends, or by yourself. If you are staying in Dakar over the summer, there is a theater that shows occasional movies in English called Canal Olympia. It is run by the Senegalese cable company called Canal+.

6. Go to a concert to see your favorite bands perform.

7. Read a new, challenging book. Summer break is a longer break than most others and it provides readers with time to catch up on all the fantastic reads that they've missed during the school year. Wanna know what I'm reading? Currently, as it is summer break, I've been waffling back and forth between two different books in different genres of literature. Check out the front covers in the space below the article! *

8. Get a "bold" haircut. Dye your roots an intriguing color. Maybe it'll be something you end up liking... you never know.

9. If you don't have a dress or tuxedo for your school dances next year, take a look at what's available right now and get some ideas. If you do live overseas, take advantage of shopping in your home country and bring back any needed fabric or materials with you. It's better to be safe than sorry... Check out what I wore to our Banquet this year! **

10. Got any old nail polish that looks a little clumpy and not so pretty? Use it to make slime! Slime is a fad that has been spreading across the United States at a double pace. It really is nothing fascinating to look at but if you like to fidget, consider buying or making yourself some slime.

Materials needed for Nail Polish Slime:

1. three bottles of old nail polish

2. a big ceramic or glass bowl

3. two bottles of liquid Elmer's glue

4. contact solution (I recommend the older stuff that you don't use as frequently because it is expensive!)

5. baking soda

6. a rubber flexible spatula

7. Any video tutorial will work but this is the one I've previewed....


11. Do a movie marathon at home with your favorite TV show. Netflix has many shows to offer but not all of them are family shows. So look around and see what everyone is interested in!

12. Do you know of any organizations near you that need volunteers to work full-time or part-time? The summer is a great time of year for students to gradually integrate themselves into a more permanent job post. For instance, I'm working closely with Dakar Academy's first grade teacher for the summer and next school year. The goal is to help her classroom feel like an environment where every child can learn.

13. If you are into dancing, I've got just the thing for you! Choose your favorite song and/or playlist and choreograph moves to it. It takes a lot of work and time so the summer is the perfect opportunity to get involved.

14. Watch some teeny-bopper movies that are so cheesy no one ever watches them. Some of my personal favorites are the High School Musical trilogy, Nacho Libre, and Princess Bride.

15. Start a "bullet journal". These things are crazy time consuming but supposedly very stress relieving. I journal but not like that! But hey, I might be game to try something new.




*The books I'm reading are An Amish Home by four different authors as it's a four story in one book kind of deal, and Cream Puff Murder by Joanne Fluke. I've read An Amish Home at least five times that I can remember. Some stories I read more than others. It all depends on how tragic or light-hearted my mood is. Cream Puff Murder is a novel in a series that I've never read before. It's jam packed with some really tasty looking cookie recipes that I just might try!

**Every year the Junior class hosts a night for the Senior class. We call it Junior-Senior Banquet. This year was my first time to attend any school dance and it was a stretch outside of my comfort zone but I think the Senior Class felt blessed.