Top 10 Missionary Kid Stereotypes

Awhile back, I had done a post about the top 30 things that most people don't know about me. This week, I'm writing a follow up on that post. A friend of mine read my top 30 and got really excited about the different things I had mentioned about being an MK. He wanted more on that topic so this post is for him, and for all my other readers who are curious about my life here.


" Very interesting top 30, thank you for sharing. I enjoyed reading that. Could you post about MK stereotypes next?"

- Ethan Dueck (DA Alumni, Former Geometry tutor)


Okay, let's be honest for a minute. There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who know about missionaries and their kids, and those who don't. Those who don't have made stereotypes for us; generalizations that we are somehow expected to fit into. Well, I've got news for you- thank God we don't! Missionary Kids, lovingly known as MKs, are so unique it's incredible. We couldn't even fit in to the world's generalizations if we tried! There are certain things about us that have set us apart, in a way that no one (except another MK) can understand. This post is just exposing some of those stereotypes that I have been subjected to. I can't speak for all MKs because each continent and country is very different; but I can speak for myself, so here goes something...

1. We don't wear shoes.

Okay, I'm going to be completely honest and say that this is almost accurate. If presented the choice, I would much rather go barefoot simply because why not? It's way more comfortable.

2. We always carry a Bible.

I wish this were this were true because, man, what a great way to open doors!

3. We speak African.

Who does? African is not a language, but rather a people group. I do speak French, English, and a little Wolof.

4. We ride elephants, lions, and tigers to school. (Apparently...)

Again, I so wish! I mean, how cool would that be. But unfortunately, they are all in captivity and I live in the city.

5. We live in a mud hut.

Nope! I live in a three story, brick and tile house.

6. We are home-schooled.

Some missionaries are home-schooled. I only experienced that once, and I was more self taught than anything else. I've been blessed to go to DA throughout most of my time overseas.

7. We don't have manners.

Literally, no comment.

8. We are poor, savage things that aren't to be conversed with.

Really? I'm sorry but, really? That's just sad!

9. We walk up to random people and ask them if they know Jesus.

When I was younger, maybe. But certainly not now. Now I know that in order to speak into someone's life, there has to be a relationship. A two-way street in which they can also speak into your life.

10. We don't have toilet paper.

If not for the beautiful world of imports and exports, this would probably still be true.


Well, there you have it! Again, these are just some of the stereotypes I've been exposed to. I'm not even joking- there are literally hundreds of them!

Send me your questions and comments. I'm open to writing about most anything. I love sharing my life with you, my passions. When I write follow up posts, I do it anonymously. I send out an email asking if I have permission to release your name. This week's post was an exception to that rule. So don't be shy! Express your opinions!


Until next time folks,

Happy reading!