The Big 30!

Well, my dear readers, what an important benchmark we have reached with this post! This marks 30 blog posts that I have been inspired to write in the past almost 3 years of owning, and running this blog page.

It's incredible how I just hit the ground running. I remember, during my sophomore year of highschool, things were so complicated. Complicated doesn't even begin to cut it really. Be that as it may, I decided to homeschool that year as we were on furlough, and at the time homeschooling was the cheapest, most logical option for the hectic schedule I would have to maintain between supporting-church visits.

As a new-to-homeschool student, there was a lot I had to retrain myself in. For example, I was the only student so I didn't have to write my name on any of the papers, nor did I have to worry about those Google Classroom 11:59 pm deadlines.

One particular class, Literature and Grammar with Mr. Snow, really rubbed me the wrong way. Don't get me wrong here, I love everything about literature, and I L.O.V.E writing! I just hate the grammar... So, naturally, when I was getting a C- during the grammar semester, I had no qualms whatsoever! It didn't even phase me because I knew that I understood what I understood, and what I didn't understand didn't affect my writing and therefore didn't affect me. I know, horribly selfish mentality right there.

Even so, I was about to end the Grammar with Mr. Snow semester, and I realized to my utter delight and amazement that he didn't do a written exam! In fact, what he asked of us made me so happy that it hardly felt like a test at all! Our midterm was to design/ create, and then build our very own website. On this website, we had to write a post of some kind to help prepare us for the semester ahead, in which we would be covering the basics of Writing and Literature. B.O.O.M! Hence why you are reading this blog post today. I decided to create a blog page as an outlet for my inner creativity that needed a way out of my oh-so-wordy self.

And now, almost 3 years later, I'm still writing on The Journey of a Lifetime blog page, I've amassed a large amount of readers through my partnership with Facebook, and I've written two follow ups. That's more than any blogger can hope for, at least within the first five years of blogging. And you guys have helped me beat the odds.

I owe all of my inspiration to God. He has never once failed me. He has been so faithful, and persistent in chasing me down. I'm beyond grateful that he has allowed me to use my joy in writing to inspire and encourage others in their walk with him.

And to you, dear readers, I owe you twice all of the love and support that you have given me in the past years. I could not have made it as far as I have without you. You never cease to spur me on in the ministry, and to further use my joy in writing for the furthering of and the building up of Christ's Kingdom for his ultimate glory.

Here's to the Big 30! We've made it! I hope to continue to be a light for Christ with my blog for many years to come. Here's to us, here's to living now.

All my love and prayers,

Grace Columbine