Outreach: A Day In The Life

The past weekend, November 28th through December 1st, I had the privilege of going on one of Dakar Academy's yearly Outreaches. I'm sure for many of you, dear readers, you have a lot of questions that always go unanswered as to anything and everything that surrounds our yearly outreaches. So I am going to attempt to answer a few of the frequently asked questions, and then I'll give a rundown of what daily life on an Outreach trip looks like.


Q: What is Outreach?

A: Outreach is an opportunity for students in the Dakar Academy "bubble" to experience what life is really like in the Senegalese culture. It is an opportunity to interact with the people that we have been called to serve by going out to their village and working in a variety of different ministry groups. We are given the go-ahead, essentially, to freely share our faith with anyone that we encounter while out there.

Q: Where do you go?

A: It depends on the time of year, and what our local pastors are saying the need for a church building is greatest.

Q: Do plans ever fall through?

A: Yes, yes, and more yes. Not everything ever goes smoothly the first time. There's usually several ups and downs before we get to wear we need to be.

Q: Who is allowed to go?

A: Anyone who fills out the application forms and is accepted.

Q: How can you contribute?

A: There are several ways to contribute. A lot of people offer to cover everyone who is going on Outreach in prayer by joining the 24-hour-non-stop prayer chain. But you can also choose to contribute financially.

Q: What is Evening Campaign?

A: Evening Campaigns are when we gather with the village people and sing some songs in their local dialect, the Drama Team performs some skits, and then we hear from one of the local pastors who ends his sermon with a call to follow Christ.


A Day In The Life

5 AM on Friday - Gather at Dakar Academy for role call and a time of prayer. Separate into assigned vehicles, go through role call again, and begin the drive.

Noon - Lunch Time! Eat delicious sack lunches in the vehicle.

Early Afternoon on Friday - Arrive at camp and form an assembly line to unload vehicles. Change into work clothes and depart with separate ministry teams.

6 PM on Friday - Dinner! Eat and enjoy. Take a quick bucket shower, get changed for the Evening Campaign.

7 PM on Friday - Evening Campaign begins.

11 PM on Friday - Evening Campaign ends, change into pajamas, sleep!

8 AM on Saturday - Breakfast, Change into work clothes and head out with ministry teams.

9 AM to 5 PM on Saturday - Working with ministry teams.

Repeat as much as desired until it is time to drive back to Dakar.


My dear readers, my next post will be about The Power of Service, so keep your eyes peeled for more news about Outreach!