The "Perfect" Day

Dear Grace,

I was wondering what the "perfect" day looks like for you. Because of the current status of the world, I've had to stay at home. What do you do to pass the time? What are some of your favorite activities that beat boredom? What does your "perfect" day look like?

Hope this finds you well,

Rebecca Jane


FEATURE CORNER (Coming April 2020)

A message for my readers:

Hello dear readers,

I am sure that you are eager to hear the answer Rebecca's question. But don't worry, you'll get to hear all about my "perfect" day later on. For now, I was wanting to let you in on a little secret. So gather close and listen...

I am going to start the Feature Corner up again pretty soon!!

What is the Feature Corner you ask?

Well, it's pretty cool! It is a little space at the bottom of new posts (it has the same format as this) where I advertise products of my friends, for FREE.

Due to recent developments, a friend of mine has had some time on their hands. In the next post I will be advertising their musical projects. Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome new playlist material!

Until then,

Happy reading folks!