One Meal, One Person

What if you could only have one meal with one person? Who would that one person be, why?

For me personally, I would have a picnic out in the woods with Grommy Louise. Not only is Grommy my namesake, but she was also my Dad's mom, my grandmother that I never got to meet.

I would make fluffernutters for the main course, with strawberries and Cool Whip for desert. I don't know why, but I have a strong inkling that she ate those things when she was my age.

Because I never met Grommy in person, I only know her through the stories my Dad and his sisters tell me. From what I've heard she had a great sense of humor and an even stronger sense of right and wrong.

If I could have one meal with one person, it would be Grommy because I feel like there is SO MUCH that I could learn from her and how she led her life. It would also be nice to share a meal with her just to meet her. See what she was like.

What about you dear readers? You have one meal to eat with one person. Who is it?




My friend J.J. Shafe is finishing a chapter of his life. To commemorate that, he decided to tie up some loose ends by releasing an album which will be the farewell to the Cry of The Voiceless (COTV) band. COTV will have legacy that lives on though, you can follow them on Spotify here:

to continue to listen to some of his hits. The last album that he will be releasing under the COTV name will come out on April 21, 2020. I am excited to give it a listen!

J.J. is also a part of a band called Trinite. Trinite is a newer band that is continuing to release albums and singles, even though COTV will stop. You can follow Trinite on Spotify here:

If you like his work, feel free to reach out to him on Facebook under the name Jonathan Shafe. He enjoys hearing words of encouragement from those his music has touched in a personal way.

UPDATE: Due to some issues, April 21st will not be the release date for COTV's last album. J.J. is hoping to still get it released in April though.