A Lesson In Trust: God Who Is Our Way Maker


It seems like the longer I wait to work on this post, the more I realize the truth of the statement.

God is our way maker.

He really is.

And my life is living proof of that statement.


In the days leading up to our repatriation flight out of Senegal (back in March), I was an absolute mess. In fact, more accurately, I fit the very description of "wreck" to a T.

All of the anxiety, chaos, uncertainty, and commotion of moving at the end of my senior year accumulated into this giant pile of anger, frustration, and anguish that I didn't know how to cope with.

It was during this time that Leeland's "Way Maker" first came out on the radio. As I sat on my bed listening to it, I zeroed in on the lyrical phrase "Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the darkness, My God, That is who you are!"

(See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJCV_2H9xD0)

I was absolutely captivated. Here was a song that voiced my prayers to Jesus in such a beautiful way. It said exactly what I wanted to say.

In the hours that followed, I played the song on repeat. I let the lyrics echo what I was already feeling in the pit of my stomach.

"Way Maker" quickly became my jam as I began packing 10 years of memories into three duffle bags. Talk about what felt impossible. But somehow just three hours later, everything was packed and dinner was on the table.

See, I had a lesson to learn. It wasn't an easy one, but it was about learning how to trust God in what lay ahead for me and for my family.

Trust is something that I've always struggled with. Especially between me and what God's plans are.

It always boils down to making head knowledge heart knowledge. At least in my case it does.

Because, in my head I knew that God was going to provide a way for me and my family to return safely back to America. But in my heart I struggled to believe that because I was staring straight into the faces of all the obvious obstacles, risks, and dangers.

In my head, I knew that God was in control and that I was fine. But in my heart, I struggled to believe even that much.

Trust doesn't come easy but I can promise you, God really does pave the way for us.

His plans are perfect and he reveals them to us in his time.

We just need to be faithful to follow through.