Dear Bedroom, Never Grow Old

(Above are pictures of my room in Senegal.)

Dear Bedroom,

Never grow old.


My dear readers,

it has been forever and a day since I last wrote anything on the blog. Today, however, I am celebrating a few things and as a testament to these mini "celebrations" I thought I would do what I do best: write.

1. I am celebrating the fact that the God who goes before me (see what I did there? :)) saw fit to allow my move into the Wilson Dorm at Gordon College to go smoothly. I feel so at home here.

2. I am celebrating the fact that I have successfully gone through orientation week without getting lost!

3. I am celebrating the fact that my birthday is coming!!!!

All that being said and out in the open, let me dive into today's piece in my continuing series on finding closure.


Dear Bedroom, never grow old.

I don't know about you guys, but my bedroom in Senegal was such a place of solitude for me. I was ALWAYS in my room somewhere... no matter the weather. You can ask my mom if you doubt me! ;)

When we jumped on the expatriation flight to leave Senegal (wayyyyyy back in March) the first two things I realized were A) I am going to miss my friends and family here, and B) I am going to miss my room.

I was concerned that if I left home, I would never feel completely at home again anywhere else without MY room and MY friends that I had grown so attached to over the last 10 years.

But oh how wrong I was!

Here I am, 5 days into my life at Gordon College, and I have again found MY friends and MY room. The way our God loves us you guys... it's amazing! I feel so blessed to know that I have friends that stick closer than a brother and a room to come home to.

This letter of closure is a reminder to myself (and you) that God always provides friends and a safe place for us to come home to.

If you are reading this and you haven't found yourself surrounded by those brotherly/ sisterly friends lately, or if you haven't been "home" in a while, I challenge you to go surround yourself or to go home... we all need a break from this life at times.

Go. Home. Today.


(Above is a picture of me and all of my fam at Gordon College, well... most of the fam. A few are missing ;))