Dear Future Students: A Collection of Mini Letters Connecting Math to Real-Life Scenarios

Hello, my dear readers!

Today on the blog you'll get an exclusive edition of my "Dear Future Students" compilation that I was asked to create for Concepts of Mathematics I by Professor Gershman here at Gordon College.

If math is of no interest to you, you may, by all means, skip this reading. However, if I've caught your interest and you'd like to finish reading this post, go for it! I won't keep you any longer. :)




Dear Future Students,

Persistence is important because if one does not persist, one lets the difficulty win therefore further discouraging one's mind and spirit.

I showed persistence when I spent 3 hours working on the same problem the wrong way because I thought it was the only way until my friend Sarah came along and explained to me an alternative method.

If I can persist at a math problem, so can you!

You can do this,

Miss Grace.




Dear Future Students,

Flexibility is important because you never know what someone might be going through. Giving them grace by being flexible can mean a lot.

I showed flexibility when I was willing to go with the flow and give feedback on a practice submission that would decide the layout of our first exam way back in October. I also helped Professor Gershman feel like she could be more flexible when her house got hit by a tree in a wind storm and she lost power and internet connection for a few days.

If I can go against the nature of my comfort zone and be flexible, so can you!

You can do this,

Miss Grace.




Dear Future Students,

Confidence in your capabilities is just as important as knowing your limitations. If you can't celebrate your victories then it will all feel like a relentless, uphill battle.

I showed confidence each time I submitted any assignment or exam because I fought against the belief that I was nothing more than a failure and did my absolute best to believe that no matter the outcome - I was working for Jesus and not for man.

If I can show confidence in myself and submit an assignment that I am scared to submit, so can you!

You can do this,

Miss Grace.




Dear Future Students,

Appreciation for math's role in real life is important because if one cannot see what it can do in real life, how will one enjoy it in class (when you typically deal with unrealistic scenarios like Brother Bob and Sister Sally and their 45 watermelons)?

I show appreciation for math's role in real-life every day that I wake up and go to have a meal or a snack or check my blood sugar. If it weren't for math, staying healthy as a Type One Diabetic would be a thousand times more complicated than it already is.

If I can be appreciative of math's importance and the role it plays out in our big, wide, colorful world, so can you!

You can do this,

Miss Grace.


My dear readers,

For those of you who stuck with me and read this post to the end, you have also been models of persistence, flexibility, confidence, and appreciation for math's role in real life for my future students. Thank you for that.

And to all my faithful readers,

This December marks the 3 year anniversary of The Journey of a Lifetime blog! I could not have made it this far or touched so many hearts and lives, without your faithful support, prayers, and Jesus' mercy and grace. All that this blog is - is because of you and because of him. Thank you for everything.

Who else is looking forward to year 4?

And lastly,

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas from me to you and yours!

Until next time,

Happy Reading!